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Check out a couple of demos and screenshots of Khoj in action.




Khoj in Obsidian

Link to Video

  1. Install Khoj via pip and start Khoj backend in a terminal (Run khoj)
    python -m pip install khoj-assistant
  2. Install Khoj plugin via Community Plugins settings pane on Obsidian app
    • Check the new Khoj plugin settings
    • Let Khoj backend index the markdown, pdf, Github markdown files in the current Vault
    • Open Khoj plugin on Obsidian via Search button on Left Pane
    • Search "Announce plugin to folks" in the Obsidian Plugin docs
    • Jump to the search result

Khoj in Emacs, Browser

Link to Video

  • Install Khoj via pip
  • Start Khoj app
  • Add this readme and khoj.el readme as org-mode for Khoj to index
  • Search "Setup editor" on the Web and Emacs. Re-rank the results for better accuracy
  • Top result is what we are looking for, the section to Install Khoj.el on Emacs
  • The results do not have any words used in the query
    • Based on the top result it seems the re-ranking model understands that Emacs is an editor?
  • The results incrementally update as the query is entered
  • The results are re-ranked, for better accuracy, once user hits enter