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Here are some top-level performance metrics for Khoj. These are rough estimates and will vary based on your hardware and data.

Search performance

  • Semantic search using the bi-encoder is fairly fast at <100 ms across all content types
  • Reranking using the cross-encoder is slower at <2s on 15 results. Tweak top_k to tradeoff speed for accuracy of results
  • Filters in query (e.g by file, word or date) usually add <20ms to query latency

Indexing performance

  • Indexing is more strongly impacted by the size of the source data
  • Indexing 100K+ line corpus of notes takes about 10 minutes
  • Indexing 4000+ images takes about 15 minutes and more than 8Gb of RAM
  • Note: It should only take this long on the first run as the index is incrementally updated


  • Testing done on a Mac M1 and a >100K line corpus of notes
  • Search, indexing on a GPU has not been tested yet