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Use OpenAI Proxy


This is only helpful for self-hosted users. If you're using Khoj Cloud, you're limited to our first-party models.


Khoj natively supports local LLMs available on HuggingFace in GGUF format. Using an OpenAI API proxy with Khoj maybe useful for ease of setup, trying new models or using commercial LLMs via API.

Khoj can use any OpenAI API compatible server including Ollama, LMStudio and LiteLLM. Configuring this allows you to use non-standard, open or commercial, local or hosted LLM models for Khoj

Combine them with Khoj can turn your favorite LLM into an AI agent. Allowing you to chat with your docs, find answers from the internet, build custom agents and run automations.

For specific integrations, see our Ollama, LMStudio and LiteLLM setup docs. For general instructions to setup Khoj with an OpenAI API proxy see below.

General Setup

  1. Start your preferred OpenAI API compatible app
  2. Create a new OpenAI Processor Conversation Config on your Khoj admin panel
    • Name: proxy-name
    • Api Key: any string
    • Api Base Url: URL of your Openai Proxy API
  3. Create a new Chat Model Option on your Khoj admin panel.
    • Name: llama3 (replace with the name of your local model)
    • Model Type: Openai
    • Openai Config: <the proxy config you created in step 3>
    • Max prompt size: 2000 (replace with the max prompt size of your model)
    • Tokenizer: Do not set for OpenAI, mistral, llama3 based models
  4. Create a new Server Chat Setting on your Khoj admin panel
    • Default model: <name of chat model option you created in step 4>
    • Summarizer model: <name of chat model option you created in step 4>
  5. Go to your config and select the model you just created in the chat model dropdown.