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Query your Second Brain from your machine

Use the Desktop app to chat and search with Khoj. You can also sync any relevant files with Khoj using the app. Khoj will use these files to provide contextual reponses when you search or chat.


  • Chat
    • Faster answers: Find answers quickly, from your private notes or the public internet
    • Assisted creativity: Smoothly weave across retrieving answers and generating content
    • Iterative discovery: Iteratively explore and re-discover your notes
  • Search
    • Natural: Advanced natural language understanding using Transformer based ML Models
    • Incremental: Incremental search for a fast, search-as-you-type experience


  1. Install the Khoj Desktop app for your OS
  2. Generate an API key on the Khoj Web App
  3. Set your Khoj API Key on the Settings page of the Khoj Desktop app
  4. [Optional] Add any files, folders you'd like Khoj to be aware of on the Settings page and Click Save