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Query your Second Brain from Obsidian


  • Chat
    • Faster answers: Find answers quickly, from your private notes or the public internet
    • Assisted creativity: Smoothly weave across retrieving answers and generating content
    • Iterative discovery: Iteratively explore and re-discover your notes
  • Search
    • Natural: Advanced natural language understanding using Transformer based ML Models
    • Incremental: Incremental search for a fast, search-as-you-type experience




  1. Open Khoj from the Community plugins tab in Obsidian settings panel
  2. Click Install, then Enable on the Khoj plugin page in Obsidian
  3. Generate an API key on the Khoj Web App
  4. Set your Khoj API Key in the Khoj plugin settings in Obsidian

See the official Obsidian Plugin Docs for more details on installing Obsidian plugins.



Click the Khoj chat icon 💬 on the Ribbon or run Khoj: Chat from the Command Palette and ask questions in a natural, conversational style.
E.g "When did I file my taxes last year?"

See Khoj Chat for more details

Find Similar Notes

To see other notes similar to the current one, run Khoj: Find Similar Notes from the Command Palette

Run Khoj: Search from the Command Palette

See Khoj Search for more details. Use query filters to limit entries to search



  1. Open Community plugins tab in Obsidian settings
  2. Click the Check for updates button
  3. Click the Update button next to Khoj, if available


  • Open the Khoj plugin settings pane, to configure Khoj
  • Toggle Enable/Disable Khoj, if setting changes have not applied
  • Click Update button to force index to refresh, if results are failing or stale