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Query your Second Brain from WhatsApp

Text +1 (848) 800 4242 or scan this QR code on your phone to chat with Khoj on WhatsApp.

Without any desktop clients, you can start chatting with Khoj on WhatsApp. Bear in mind you do need one of the desktop clients in order to share and sync your data with Khoj. The WhatsApp AI bot will work right away for answering generic queries and using Khoj in default mode.

In order to use Khoj on WhatsApp with your own data, you need to setup a Khoj Cloud account and connect your WhatsApp account to it. This is a one time setup and you can do it from the Khoj Cloud config page.

If you hit usage limits for the WhatsApp bot, upgrade to a paid plan on Khoj Cloud.


  • Slash Commands: Use slash commands to quickly access Khoj features
    • /online: Get responses from Khoj powered by online search.
    • /dream: Generate an image in response to your prompt.
    • /notes: Explicitly force Khoj to retrieve context from your notes. Note: You'll need to connect your WhatsApp account to a Khoj Cloud account for this to work.

We have more commands under development, including /share to uploading documents directly to your Khoj account from WhatsApp, and /speak in order to get a speech response from Khoj. Feel free to raise an issue if you have any suggestions for new commands.

Nerdy Details

You can find all of the code for the WhatsApp bot in the the flint repository. As all of our code, it is open source and you can contribute to it.