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Khoj supports a variety of features, including search and chat with a wide range of data sources and interfaces.

  • Local: Your personal data stays local. All search and indexing is done on your machine when you self-host
  • Incremental: Incremental search for a fast, search-as-you-type experience


  • Faster answers: Find answers faster, smoother than search. No need to manually scan through your notes to find answers.
  • Iterative discovery: Iteratively explore and (re-)discover your notes
  • Assisted creativity: Smoothly weave across answers retrieval and content generation
  • Works online or offline: Chat using online or offline AI chat models


  • Cloud or Self-Host: Use cloud to use Khoj anytime from anywhere or self-host for privacy
  • Natural: Advanced natural language understanding using Transformer based ML Models
  • Pluggable: Modular architecture makes it easy to plug in new data sources, frontends and ML models
  • Multiple Sources: Index your Org-mode, Markdown, PDF, plaintext files, Github repos and Notion pages
  • Multiple Interfaces: Interact from your Web Browser, Emacs, Obsidian, Desktop app or even Whatsapp

Supported Interfaces

Khoj is available as a Desktop app, Emacs package, Obsidian plugin, Web app and a Whatsapp AI.

Supported Data Sources

Khoj can understand your word, PDF, org-mode, markdown, plaintext files, Github projects and Notion pages.